Kick That Stump Out of Your Yard

Ask about our stump grinding services based in Redding, CT

When a tree falls in your yard, it's easy to call someone to haul it away. However, you're still left with a large, often splintered stump in the middle of your yard. Say goodbye to that eyesore with stump grinding services from Davis Tree & Logging, LLC. Our team is based in Redding, CT, working with both homeowners and business owners in the surrounding area. We take extra precautions to care for your entire property, including sprinkler systems and utility lines.

It's time to get rid of that old, unsightly stump in your yard. Schedule stump removal services by calling 203-994-5554 today.

Always choose professional service

Property owners choose us for stump removal services because...

  • We'll bring all the necessary equipment directly to your property.
  • We'll handle everything from grinding the stump to filling in the hole.
  • We can leave you with the leftover wood chips or haul them off for you.

Hiring a professional for stump grinding services reduces the risk of damage to your property. Contact us today for a free estimate.