Keep Up With Your Tree Maintenance Services

Rely on our experienced team based in Redding, CT

Trees are a beautiful addition to nearly any outdoor space, whether you own a home or business in the Redding, CT area. Davis Tree & Logging, LLC wants to help you take care of them properly with routine tree maintenance services. Depend on us to bring all the necessary equipment for timely, reliable work.

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Caring for your trees the right way

Your trees require delicate care and maintenance. Working with a team like Davis Tree & Logging is the best way to get high-quality, knowledgeable service for your greenery.

When you hire us for tree trimming services, we will...

  • Prune dead or damaged branches to encourage healthy growth
  • Cut back overgrown pieces to keep your trees away from power lines
  • Clean up any leftover debris and haul it off your property

Tree maintenance services are crucial for your foliage's well-being. Make an appointment with us by calling 203-994-5554 today.